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Movie Review ! Captain America: Civil War

When I first watched the trailer previewing Captain America: Civil War, the awesome sneak fight scenes got me yearning for more and sure enough watching the movie at the cinema after its release, I was not disappointed. The action-packed movie also featured superheroes such as Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Falcon, War Machine, Ant-Man, Spider-man and the Winter Soldier among others. Anyway, remember how the Winter Soldier ended? Well, Civil War takes off right after the prequel's events. (Spoiler Alert) The brainwashed soldier is sent to Hydra's Siberia base where he is after a super-soldier serum. Fast forward to present day a year after the Avengers team stop a heist by Rumlow, who wanted to take off with a biological weapon, he then blows himself up rather than be taken captive. While the UN conference that seeks to pass the Sokovia Accords that will establish an oversight panel for the Avengers is ongoing, a bomb goes off killing T'Chaka, King of Wakan…

New Arrival! Batsuit in Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice

Batsuit in Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice
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Do you remember Ben Affleck's Batman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice? His Batsuit is a worthy adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns Batsuit, new one is definitely functional, and provides Batman with enough mobility to get the better of his opponents. We well designed this replica costume of movie Batman V Superman, this costume features an all Lycra breathable jumpsuit with attached a black cape, a latex mask, removeable gloves and belt set. The suit was made to order, high quality and you can choose custom-made to fit your own measurements. If you buy this costume, it is definitely going to be a hit at your next cosplay convention!

Seraph of the End Vampires Krul Tepes Wigs Review

Seraph of the EndKrul Tepes Wig Review
by Levi
The Krul Tepes wig that I received from was amazing and is by far the best wig I own. When it arrived at my house, after approximately 2 weeks shipping time, the packaging had no tears and was well put together. Inside the outside packaging there was a clear plastic zip lock bag, which contained the wig. Everything was protected by a cardboard ring, and the clip on ponytails and the wig itself were separated by individual hairnets. Appearance: (5/5)
The wig was exactly how it was advertised on the website. It is the perfect shade of pink and matches Krul’s hair perfectly. In the pictures I took outside, it did turn out a little pinker, but in person it is how it appears in the picture on the website. The front bangs were the same length as they appeared in the photo, and they were also really nicely cut. This is very good if you aren’t the best with cutting wigs, or you just want a wig that you don’t have to put much effor…