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How to wear cosplay wigs with long hair

How to wear cosplay wigs with long hair                                   by Nicole OlivaCosplay is a wonderful hobby to get into and has grown in popularity over the past few years.  The idea of where to even begin a cosplay can be daunting to the average person.  Once you have a cosplay in mind and a costume finished accessorising is crucial to look and the overall cosplay experience. So on that note today we will be going over the cosplay basics of how to wear a wig! I have pretty long hair and I get asked a lot how I manage to fit all of my hair into a wig?  And the answer is simple. WIG CAPS

For a new cosplayer a wig cap is the most amazing thing in the world!  I had been cosplaying for two years before getting my first wig cap.  Once I got one I didn't know why I didn't have one sooner! It’s amazing!  They typically come in two colors black or tan and you can purchase ones made of  nylon mesh or as netting.  Their very affordable too.  You can get them for around $2 almost…