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New Arrival! Game of Thrones Cosplay Costumes

Game of Thrones is the most popular TV show on HBO to date. It is currently being shown in more than 170 countries and has been illegally downloaded so many more times than any other television show ever aired. The interesting part about the Game of Thrones is that the more episodes you watch, the more you come to enjoy all the pitch-perfect humor moments, the complex power plays and of course the intense characters which struggle throughout the series to attain glory and power. Each character has been given a rich history and topped off with rounded personalities for an extra pull. With the fame reaching out to all parts of the world, there is a high demand of cosplay costumes for the characters in the Game of Thrones. has just the perfect Game of Thrones costumes to meet these needs and are made to the best of quality and accuracy, as possible. A few of the best-selling costumes include those of Melisandre and Lannister. GoT Game of Thrones the Red Woman Melisandre Ou…

Ant-Man Film Review

Ant-Man film review:Marvel's latest isn't small enough                                                                               By Owen Gleiberman
Paul Rudd is such a witty, skilled actor that if any star could take a superhero origin story and breathe some brash new life into it, you’d think it would be him. He plays Scott Lang, an idealistic cat burglar who becomes the unwitting guinea pig in an experiment to create the ultimate secret weapon: a stealth superhero the size of an insect. Lang, in his own mind, was meant for bigger things. But after spending three years in San Quentin prison for blowing the whistle on a corporation, he discovers that his life is a wreck. He loses joint custody of his daughter, and the only place that will hire him is Baskin Robbins. That’s when he’s recruited to put on an experimental suit that reduces anyone who wears it to the size of an ant. Supposedly, he gets stronger as well, though we don’t see much evidence of that; it would have bee…