Yuri on ice is so sweet anime! Victor x Yuri

Yuri On Ice is ripping out my soul because it portrays a gay ship in a healthy reasonable fashion and makes their relationship somewhat probable, rather than fetishizing the LGBT community with an unrealistic ship just because it's gay.
Victor: Since you’re having skating trouble, I have come to teach you how to bring you out. Help you with the things you lack, I’ll choreograph your routines, you’re what I care about. Think of me as your best fan, cheering you and helping you grow, more than a competitior, Yuuri, when you feel the pressure. Let me be your skating coach. They're so warm being together.
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Fantastic Beasts Newt Scamander Cosplay Costume

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the next film written by J.K. Rowling, directed by David Yates. Film take us to a new era of Wizarding World, takes place long before the Harry Potter films we know. In the new movie, we’ll follow Newt Scamander and his adventures in New York during the 1920s. That time period means a Hot Topic is going all out to bring the fashion of Fantastic Beasts to life. Here are Newt Scamander costumes review from Jacob Disberger. Photography by Clay Myers-Bowman.
Shop link: Sku:11006890 Source: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them  Character: Newt Scamander
Fabric:Cotton, Melton Mowbray, Polyester, Synthetic Silk
Including: Bowknot, Coat, Pants, Shirt, Top, Vest

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A Brief Introduction to ‘Suicide Squad’

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Seraph of the End Costume from AuCosplsysky

Cosplay is the basically dressing up as a character or thing from a anime or TV show. Whether it is Japanese Anime or American TV drama, people always bring their enthusiasm when it comes time to break out the costumes. There are hundreds of different things that people can cosplay, but Seraph of the end fans always prevail and outshine all of the rest. Here are a few examples maybe you can see for yourself... Ferid Bathory via @雷光河马Minamine
Krul Tepes via @KaddiCosplay
Yūichirō Hyakuya via @ICEANGELTV @anzujaamu @DevrimG Production
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Not second attack on titans,the first Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Not second attack on titans,the first Kabaneri of the Iron FortressAuthor:Prithwish Roy

Although it's been only two episodes but the show looks quite promising,many would say that it's copied from attack on titans but not at all,yeah few things are inspired from it but rest has been done wonderfully.

The story focus on zombie like creatures known as kabane which suddenly appear of nowhere during industrial revolution and it's affecting humans with it's bite and now humanity is trying its best to survive.

Another anime where u can feel the struggle to survive,the pain of losing someone close to you and the never give up moral.

The anime is quite high budget with beautiful animation and perfect voice acting :) So having a high expectation from it.
Here are some wallpaper from Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress